Faith vs. Knowledge (1)

Professor and author Dallas Willard has always been one of my favorite authors, while making me do mental push-ups.  Willard is a professor of philosophy (strike one) at the University of Southern California (strike two) and lives on the “left” coast (strike three).  But before we send him back to the bench, maybe we should hear what he has to say.  After all, he has commented at length about things such as the spiritual disciplines and what it means to be a true follower of Christ.  In Knowing Christ Today: Why We Can Trust Spiritual Knowledge, Professor Willard addresses the absence of moral knowledge among even believers.  Over the next few weeks, I want to give you an opportunity to dispute, agree with, or modify what Willard has to say.  Some of us will feel threatened.  Some will feel vindicated.  I trust that all of us will learn something.  Please join me for the conversation.

2 Responses to “Faith vs. Knowledge (1)”

  1. Brother, what a subject! Is faith equal to knowledge? Is faith something we share with others? Is faith something we put on once a week(church)? Is faith loving GOD? Is faith believing in something we can”t see or prove? Is faith loving and living by the example set by Jesus? Is faith sharing the Gosple with others? Is faith studying and learning the wordof GOD? I can’t wait to see where this is going!

  2. Yes Larry. All good questions. Hang on for a bumpy ride! 🙂

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