The Blogosphere

I wanted to give you guys a “flavor” of what i read through the blogs.  These are just a few.  But they are a good summary of where I go.  For your convenience, you can click on the links under Blogroll.  Enjoy. 

Jesus Community – Several years ago, I ran across this blog.  Ted Gossard blogs about many different things and always has something to challenge readers.  He’s well worth the read.

Jesus Creed – Scot McKnight (professor at North Park University in Chicago) writes Jesus Creed.  McKnight posts several times a day.  I thoroughly enjoy his down-to-earth writing style, while at the same time challenging readers to think on a deeper level.  Check it out!

John Stackhouse – Professor John Stackhouse teaches on a graduate level at Regent College.  Stackhouse is challenging when it comes to theology.  I really like his stuff.

Roger Olson – Dr. Olson teaches theology at Truett (Baylor University’s Graduate School).  Olson is known for his Arminian Theology

Wesleyan Arminian – Kevin Jackson writes specifically in regards to Arminian theology.  Good stuff.

Again, there are others that I read.  I will post about them later.  However, this will give you a good start and help you understand what’s formulating some of my thoughts.  Please read these blogs for what they are and use your brain.  Don’t drink all the Kool Aid 🙂


3 Responses to “The Blogosphere”

  1. Very awesome! I got stuck in the Jesus Creed blod this morning – can’t wait to check out the rest – thanks Mike!

  2. Welcome. enjoy!! But don’t forget nmpreach 🙂

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