What’s your idea of freedom – particularly the freedom afforded to mankind from God?  Some would say there is no freedom.  “God is in control.  He calls the shots and gets what He wants.  Freedom only exists as He allows us to exist.”  Others would counter with the free will argument.  “God desires our love and devotion.  He affords mankind the ability to choose to love or to hate, to obey or disobey.  Although there are consequences for the choices we make, God gives us the opportunity (freedom) to choose.

So I’m interested in your thoughts.  Tell me what you think.  But tell me why you think that way.  How does the sovereignty of God coincide with what you believe?  Hmmm.


9 Responses to “Freedom”

  1. Brother, does the Book of Revelations come to mind? Throughout it’s text, we are shown that God allows mankind every oppertunity to change! I know in my own life, that when I chose Jesus, my life changed! Was it a personal choice? I believe so. It’s like going out to supper, with all the choices we have, will we make decisions that we will pay for later? Or when we purchase a new automobile. Will it do the job we require of it? When we tell our children no, but then they see us do the same thing, what are the consequenses? I know that I have a personal choice in everything I do, it might be led by prayer, but the end result is my choice. This is the feedom God provides us. Ain’t God great!?

  2. Larry,
    Tell me your thoughts on the sovereignty of God. What does it mean?

    • Brother, I believe that God has authourity over all things in heaven and earth! God’s sovereignty is gracious where man is concerned, in that he allows us to make mistakes. And then if we repent and ask with a true heart God shows us grace by foregiving us. I believe that he can control everything in the universe and beyond, but chooses to let us come to him on our own!

  3. I am not so good at conveying my thoughts sometimes but here goes

    Would our Father want us to be puppets? How can a puppet show affection? I think God desires trust and affection etc from us, he wants us to know, love, and depend on him. Sovereignty is God in its true meaning, to be most high, all powerful which encompasses love, trust (spare the rod,spoil the child) etc. God made us in his image, I would feel very lonely if my children and grandchildren were robotic, fulfilling my every command without freely giving and receiving affection. Every man and woman wants their children to freely love and respect them, that comes through trial and error, respect and love, and that comes from knowing and spending time with one another. For me, I had never really known true freedom until I gave God control over my life. Now I know what freedom really means! 2 Peter 1:3-10 that’s true freedom for me.

  4. I don’t know. This has always confused me. God does give us the choice to live our lives how we want, but there are limitations. Even our life has a “set expiration date” – we don’t chose the day we die, nor how it will happen. Does he choose to give someone Cancer? He gives us Freedom, but he already knows what we will do or what is going to happen to us. So, I think it’s both – He is in control – and He gives us the opportunity to choose. And because we trust that He is in control, we pray for His Will in our lives.

    I prayed for God to heal my uncle, but he died. I prayed for God to heal my mother in law – and God is healing. He chooses. Not me. But I also do not hold God in a box of my knowledge – He knows things that I could never understand, and I trust that in all things, He is Good and that He is loves me.

    When I was little, I used to tell God in prayer that I knew that He knew whether I would be going to heaven or hell. I asked him to not allow me to be one that He “already knows” will be lost and that if I “veered of the path” to direct me back to Him, but with a gentle hand. I think He probably chuckled…

    • M,
      Good point. The parameters for our choice are the question. Could there be some “middle ground”? In other words, although we have choices, does God limit those choices to A, B, C and not D?

      How does prayer play into these “decisions”? We need to talk about God’s omniscience. Good stuff!

      • Mike – I don’t think He limits choices at all… If I wanted to quit my job and go to medical school, I don’t think He would stop me. Yes, He could stop me… What would stop me though would be the fact that I don’t have the money to support myself and my kids without a job. God gives us the ability to “reason” (I say in quotes because of the book we are discussing).

        If I pray that God open the doors to my being able to quit my job and go to medical school, does He allow it to happen because I asked or because it was already in His Plans for me?

        And, if God is omniscient – He already knows everything and is in everything! Yet, His Word says “Ask me and I will give you”.

        So all that leads me to believe that it all starts with our relationship with God our Father. Prayer is verbal communication with him. Reading His Words is getting to know Him. When we get to know and love God, it becomes more than aparent what His will is for us. He already knows and loves us…He is sovereign….He has no need of us…. WE should want to get to know HIM to the point where we cry out “ABBA” from our hearts – and only then – I think – that we can understand the “freedom” we are given.

        I don’t know… that’s just my thoughts… 🙂

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