Hands and Feet?

Jesus told his followers, “Truly, truly, I say to you, whoever believes in me will also do the works that I do; and greater works than these will he do, because I am going to the Father” (Jn 14:12).   Did you catch that?  Jesus had healed the blind, lame, and those possessed by demons.  And notice what he says to his followers – greater works than these will he (the follower) do.

Often times, we read texts such as these and move past them quickly.  Maybe we don’t understand them fully.  Perhaps they make us a bit uncomfortable because of the responsibility we have.  But what if we hang out there.  Is it really true that I might do greater works?  And if so, how?

I’m interested particularly in what our role as followers of Christ are today.  Recently, I’ve had numerous discussions about a phrase we use from time to time – “the hands and feet of Jesus”.  But what do we mean when we use those words?  Many mean a life of service.  Jesus surely taught us that selfless love was part of who we were to be.  Some would offer love.  We’re told to love God and love others.  Others would say  we are all priests.  We sacrifice and offer prayers for God’s people.  Jesus is called our High Priest (Hebrews).  I’ve heard we are to believe ourselves to be royalty.  After all, we’ve been seated at the right hand of God (Eph 2:6) with Christ.  We are also called to be prophets – declaring truth and speaking for God in our world.  Have you ever thought your role as a follower of Christ to be prophet, priest, and king?  If not, why not?


8 Responses to “Hands and Feet?”

  1. Sometimes I think we believe all that stuff is too much for us, we are incapable or unworthy, we may make comparisons to the woks of Jesus. We begin to believe in only what we consider LARGE works as making an impact. What about the guy waiting in line behind you in the grocery store with one item; you have a cartload, God tells you to let him go first but you blow it off, besides how can such a small thing like that have any relevance ? How many opportunities do we have each day but pass them by? What about loving the Lord enough to trust his intentions more than our own? Maybe were looking for some warm fuzzies; depending on our own system of reward, so why bother? If it were our best friend behind us with one item, no questions asked! God gives us everything we need so why not just love enough to listen without the need for expectations? Do we truly understand what a prophet, priest or king really means?

    • I think we are right when we believe “all that stuff” is too much for us. We are incapable, unworthy, etc. And the things God commissions us with seems daunting. Go and change the world? Are you kidding me? You know who you’re dealing with God. And you want me to do what?

      The apostles asked the same questions and had the same concerns. And it’s then that Jesus introduces them the the Holy Spirit. Things will never be the same – AS LONG AS THEY TRUST HIS POWER and not their own. Prophet, priest, and king, are only possible if we allow the Spirit to work through us.

  2. Would this also mean that, in the name of Jesus Christ, we are able to heal the sick too, like Jesus did? In the church I grew up, I saw it happen. I’ve seen other things happen even today. Is this no longer a “belief” among most followers because of something the Bible says?

    I do think it means what Diane is saying, but does it also have meaning into this other relm of healing and casting out demons as Jesus did?

    • Brother, are we not all of these? Whenever we minister to the sick and pray to the Father to help heal them(Priests), whenever we share the word of God to help open the eyes of non-believers(Prophets), whenever we are called to raise our chidlren in the way of the Lord(Kings). And is it not by the God given wisdom that doctors now return sight, do heart transplants, and even do surgery on the human brain.. If these are not miricles from God’s handiwork, then where do they come from? I believe that all the little things we do everyday makes us the hands and feet of God!

      • Larry,
        Yes. Yes. And yes. I would offer to you in regards to kings, Scripture points out that we are already (past tense) seated with Christ in the heavenly realms. Pretty cool right? So it’s much more than here in this world.

        Love what you believe about the hands and feet of Christ involving the little things.

    • Maria,
      Great question! Can I offer something to you that I’m sure you already know. We aren’t able to heal anyone. But God/Christ/The Spirit can do things you and I can’t explain. In other words, God doesn’t need you or I to physically touch someone for them to receieve healing. He is bigger than that!

      When I study the NT, I see Jesus touch people and heal them not primarily for their benefit, but for those around them. There were other times that He just spoke the word and it was done. Then there are times he mentions these things happen (demons being cast out) by prayer.

      This, I believe, is where being a priest comes in. We are to intercede for each other. Kind of makes prayer a big deal doesn’t it?

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