The Trouble With Boxes

Many of us have heard “Know that you know that you know” when speaking of faith.  But after leaving the confines of a “safe spiritual enviornment”, we return back into our default mode – living life in compartmentalized ways.  Using the metaphor of boxes, we have a box for our family life, another box for our hobbies, a box for our jobs, and even a box for all things spiritual.  We guard our boxes.  Although we rely on our jobs to pay the bills, our family life box is protected from our job box.  Our spiritual box is for certain times and places or when we are around others who have a similar box.  It’s our “default mode.”

Recently, we’ve discussed miracles.  In which box would they be?  The spiritual box?  Would we have to create another box for all things supernatural?

Jesus didn’t live with boxes.  He had one box.  Everything was about glorifying The Father.  When asked about eternal life, Jesus said love God and love one another.  He told his followers they would do even greater things than he had done when the Holy Spirit provided them power.  After being raised from the dead, he appeared to his followers and encouraged them to keep the faith.  And what did Jesus find?  The apostles had returned to their default mode.  Peter was fishing.  Thomas – often called the doubter – said he wouldn’t believe unless he saw and touched Jesus for himself.  Do you hear him living among several boxes?  Understanding mankind’s default mode, Jesus allowed Thomas to see and touch.

Jesus spoke of eternal life.  He often said, “Let those who have ears hear.”  Perhaps we should define “eternal life” as living without the boxes.  Everything we do should be about glorifying The Father.  Jesus put it this way:  But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you. (Matt 6:33)

So how about it?  In which box do you spend most of your time?  Are some of the boxes bigger, heavier, more important than the other boxes?  Which box(es) need to be eliminated?  Are you willing to get down to one box?

2 Responses to “The Trouble With Boxes”

  1. I feel that if I spend my morning with God – just me and Him – the other “boxes” of life do not exist because God is in them all. And any “box” is a gift from God: My husband, my children, my friends, my house, my job, my hobbies…

    But yes, I think I too fall back into the default mode when I allow the gifts from God to be more important than my relationship with Him.

    I believe in the supernatural that is of God… Jesus being God in the flesh – His resurrection –Nothing is impossible for Him, but sometimes, what is being proclaimed to be of God – really isn’t – and there are so many religions – that the religions themselves become boxes…. We study God’s Word so that we will “Know – that we Know – What we Know…”

    But then “they” too, know that they know, what they know… So if we place miracles in a spiritual box, we do not speak out freely about Jesus and what WE know… and we must be sure of what we know… and that is a huge responsibility that if we do not spend time with God and His Word – we too, create a box of religion that we only share when we feel its safe and when we feel we will not have to explain too much – Very thought provoking post!

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