Easter and YOU

It’s hard to believe that Easter is upon us.  But it is.  This particular time of year is always big for the church where I serve.  For several years, we’ve sponsored a Community Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday morning.  It’s grown by leaps and bounds every year.  Who can say (or believe) 15,000 eggs?  Wow.  On Sunday, we’ll have a “sunrise” service proclaiming the victory we have in Christ and celebrating communion together.  And then we’ll share a meal together before going into the Easter worship.

People from throughout the community will typically attend churches (including our gathering) on Christmas or Easter.  I anticipate this year to be no different.  I’ve been praying for some time about this particular day.  After all, this is only one of a few times that some will hear the Gospel this year.  My prayer has been for God’s salvation, rededications, etc.

As I was praying the other day, a thought struck me.  A voice in my head (whom I believe to be the Holy Spirit) said, “When are you going to pray for yourself?”  Honestly, it took me back for a second.  I was focused on praying for those who would hear the Gospel.  I had prayed for myself in a passing way.  Something like “…and Lord help me to share the words only you would want.  By the power of Christ I pray….”  But the Spirit spoke again, “What about your response?  What does Easter mean to you?”

There are times, I think, that we focus on someone else’s response.  After all, we’re told to pray for a harvest (Mt 9:38).  But doesn’t it make sense that we should be part of a continual harvest?  In other words, isn’t our committment a daily process?

This Easter, would you consider doing something out of the ordinary (at least for the Easter season)?  Would you add yourself to your prayer?  Would you pray for a harvest?  But would you also consider what Easter means to you personally?  What does God want to do with you?  What is he calling you to?  Instead of thinking about your loved one or friend that needs to hear the Easter message, consider what God might be doing in your life.  And then do something about it.

He is risen!


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