Faith vs. Knowledge (9)

Willard discusses spiritual disciplines including humility, pursuit of inward transformation, constant receptivity to the “Presence”, and unqualified obedience to Jesus. 

Under this umbrella of disciplines is silence and solitude.  Regretfully, I have much to learn in this spiritual discipline.  Upon self-evaluation, I’m not very good at being silent.  I’m prone to talk to God more than listen.  In fact, silence makes me uncomfortable.  And often times, I revert back to my “default” mode of noise, noise, and more noise. 

And solitude.  I can’t think of the last time that I was alone and did nothing for lengthy periods of time.  After all, my brain tells me that I’m not being productive, I’m being lazy, or I am wasting time.  Again.  Default mode.  Do you find yourself overwhelmed by stress, being irritable, or lonely?  Check your time of silence and solitude.

Fellowship with other disciples is another discipline that must be learned.   Recently, I’ve been reading much in regards to Christian history.  It’s inspiring to read of Christians who gave everything (including their lives) for their pursuit of a relationship with Jesus.  Their writings have also been beneficial.  And of course, the example of discipleship throughout Scripture is something we must follow.

The writer of Hebrews encourages us to “not neglect meeting together…but encouraging one another” (10:25).  After all, isn’t that what the Church is about?  The fellowship we have with one another is so vital to maintaining a healthy spiritual life.  It’s important to remember that fellowship isn’t just being around one another.  It’s about growing a relationship, sharing together, and learning to love.   Too often, we equate fellowship with eating with one another or sharing recipes.  Again, it’s time we train ourselves in spiritual disciplines that cause us to grow closer to Christ and one another.  How would your own evaluation of fellowship look?  Are you investing in other believers and allowing them to invest in you?

Let’s commit to working on these disciplines – together!  What do you say?


One Response to “Faith vs. Knowledge (9)”

  1. Yes, nmpreach! I think I find myself in a similar muddle, so to speak. 🙂 I am committed to meeting regularly with other Jesus followers, but am ducking out of an upcoming silent retreat scheduled for this Saturday. Maybe I’d better rethink that! Thanks for your good reminders, here. Yes, it is hard for me to be silent and still inside, even more than outside. That part seems so much easier. Thanks.

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