Real Love?

What does it mean to love?

Sadly, our society has attempted to define love in unhealthy ways.  Television shows like The Batchelor, The Bachelorette, Love In The Wild, and Temptation Island seem more popular every season.  The attempt to convince viewers that what they observe is “real” is sickening.

It goes something like this:

1.  Good looking guy courts modelesque girl in a place that would qualify as paradise.

2.  Guy kisses girl (more than once) and then learns her name.  Eventually, the kisses are just the beginning.

3.  Guy does the same with a dozen other girls in an attempt to decide which one “he really loves.”

4.  At the end of each episode, the drama is thick.  Girls line up and guy gets to pick which one he “loves less” and sends her home.  Perhaps her breath was bad, she had bigger feet than he, or she was a blond while he preferred a brunette.  The girls remaining receive a rose and promise to commit to winning the game.  In the end, they know guy will love them.  The scenario happens week after week while viewers tune in to see their favorite attempt to find love.  Finally, guy is down to two girls who both think they’ve fallen in love and can’t wait for the proposal.  They both plan to say “yes”, imagine what perfect children they will create, and will live happily ever after in the suburbs behind a white picket fence.

Of course, the shows are a little different from the others.  But not much.  So here’s my question(s).  Really?  Does anyone believe this stuff?  Is this what we’re teaching those we influence?  It’s like matchmaking on steroids.

What happened to the simple letter that you had your 6th grade friend pass to the shy girl in the class?  It read something like, “Do you like me?  Check yes or no.”    My wife is good-looking but not modelesque.  I’m grateful that she picked an overweight, obnoxious guy that does stupid things.  She hasn’t voted me off of the island yet.  And guess what!  There’s no plans for either of us to eliminate the other.  We’re in this thing for the long haul.  Because we love each other.  Because we care about each other.  Because we’re committed to each other.  Real life includes being a taxi driver for the kids, non-stop laundry, paying bills, dealing with in-laws, etc.  That’s our paradise!  And love grows because it’s not selfish.  In fact, selfish love is an oxymoron.  Love is about others.  Not me.

When we think about love, let’s define it by the One who is love.  God loved us so that we could love Him and others.  Define love as He does.  And make sure that those who follow you know the difference than what they see on television.  It will do us all good!


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