What do you see?

Several years ago, I was asked to read Philip Yancey’s The Jesus I Never Knew and complete a book review. Several times, I was blown away by how my view of Jesus had become obscured by my environment, education, biases, etc. Yancey’s book is one of those on the shelf that I review from time to time. It was truly an eye-opener for me.

So what’s your picture of Jesus look like? What comes to mind when you hear the name Jesus? receive Communion? cry out to Him in prayer?  Is your Jesus the white guy with long hair and perfect skin portrayed in many churches?

The next several posts are dedicated to looking at what we see in Jesus.  We’re going to use Jurgen Moltmann’s Jesus Christ For Today’s World and define Jesus as Scripture does.  Perhaps you see Jesus as the suffering servant that provides hope for what you’re going through.  Maybe the first picture of Jesus for you is one of Him hanging on the cross.  You see him as redeemer.  Or what if you close your eyes and picture Jesus coming again in victory to gather His bride?

These are all valid “pictures” of Jesus.  They all carry an immense amount of peace for us at various times in our lives.  In other words, my picture is no better than yours – as long as we picture Jesus the way the Scriptures provide for us.  I hope you’ll join the discussion, be honest with yourself, and let God do a work with you.  Here we go!


7 Responses to “What do you see?”

  1. Brother, ready,aim and click. I picture Jesus as a common looking man. There are no “airs” about Him. He is all about love, hope and salvation! His skin color is of no importance. He shows us by His example how we are to live and treat our fellow-man, justly and with respect, not putting ourselves over and looking down on one another. His final judgement will be glorious to the people who have a relatioship with Him and unbearable to those who don’t!

  2. I picture Jesus as being impossible to pin down. The basics are constant, but how these play out in our lives will always be challenging to the core of our hearts. That is, if we really commit ourselves to radically following day after day. Moltmann–great!

    • Impossible to pin down is a great way to describe Him Ted. And yet we are given just enough knowledge to learn to walk as he walked. I’m looking forward to Moltmann!

  3. I think I picture Jesus invisible, like the oxygen that I know I’m breathing

    • Maria, How would you respond to someone who asked, “What about the times you don’t feel Him? How do you KNOW He’s still there?” Curious.

      • I know that He is still there because I believe in His promises in His Word – that He doesn’t ever leave me – that even though I am unfaithful – He is always faithful… There have been times in my life that I have wondered away from God, and as undeserving as I was, I could still feel him there…because I felt sadness in my soul – because I didn’t pursue a relationship with God, but He was pursuing me – through people, through situations… It’s all God.

        For someone who does not know God or His Word, I would offer the same example that I said to my son when he was 3. “How do you know God is there if you can’t see him, mom?” I said, “Do you see the leaves moving? The wind moves the leaves when it blows. We cannot see the wind, but we know it exists. And just because the wind doesn’t blow on the leaves sometimes, doesn’t mean the wind ceases to exist.”

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