Come and See (2)

Yet to all who received him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God – children born not of natural descent, nor of human decision or a husband’s will, but born of God.  John 1:12-13 NIV

I’m excited about working through the Gospel of John during the first few months of 2012.  If you’re not aware, John’s Gospel account is much different than the synoptic gospels.  This is just one of many examples.  John sets out to prove that Jesus is who said He is (20:31).  In other words, if you and I were the jury, John attempts to convince us based upon the evidence.

In these particular verses in chapter 1, I want you to notice the duality of relationship.  For example, watch this:

  • Yet to all who received him
  • to those who believed in his name

Notice those are mankind’s responsibility.  We must receive Him.  This might be a good time to read the first 11 verses of the Gospel.  Also, we must believe in His name.  We must believe means we must live our lives with an unparalleled faith.  But we don’t have faith in just anything.  We have faith “in his name.”  That makes all the difference in the world – literally!  Knowing that God is bigger than anyone or anything and he has our best interests at heart should give us an immense amount of peace.  Those things are our responsibility.  No one can do them for us.

  • he gave the right to become children of God

Don’t miss this!  God gave us the opportunity to become children of God.  Wow!  This is the time that we often refer to as “The Fork In The Road.”  There’s a choice to receive or reject.  God is faithful and He always comes through with His part.  The question is:  Will we?

I love this!  God is God.  And He could do anything He wants.  But He offers us a relationship – a duality of responsibility.  Here’s the point:  God allows us to be a part of what He’s doing.  He doesn’t force.  He offers.  And when He does, we then have to make a choice.

Realize God is going to do His part.  Will you?  Will I?


2 Responses to “Come and See (2)”

  1. God is life. He gave his life, Jesus, so that we would have light…in the darkness of our sins – but our darkness – our humanness, our flesh… did not understand. The world – our desires, the things that seem more important…do not recognize him. His own – sometimes those of us who claim to be followers of Him, we do not receive him into our daily life.
    And yet… he freely GIVES the RIGHT to be His children. “Come.”

    I can very easily say, “How could anyone reject the King of Kings and Lord of Lords?” But we often do, as you say, when that fork in the road comes along.. what do we often chose?

    I love that respect that God has for man. Never forcing Himself into our lives, but offering… giving… the RIGHT to be Children of God…that is HUGE; and if we thought about that daily – in every choice that we make every minute of our lives… I wonder what sort of changes that would bring about…

    • Yes Maria. God never forces. But wants us to live with peace and genuine love more than anything else. Making those choices daily would lead to a revolution!

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