The Secret

Set any goals for this year?

I was watching a New Year’s special that reported a survey stating that 33% of those who make goals fail within the first week.  The number who gave up after one month was in the teens.  22% simply refuse to make goals.  They’ve failed so many times in the past that they no longer have expectations.

It’s a proven fact that for anything to become a habit, you have to do it consecutively for about thirty days.  My experience has been this applies across the board – reading the Word, exercising, good food choices, etc.  Once a habit is set, you’re well on your way to creating lifestyle change.  However, often times we fail because we don’t make it 30 hours much less 30 days.

Here’s my thought:  How much does success have to do with momentum?  In other words, we start strong with something and then quickly fade.  Yo-yo dieting anyone?  Losing momentum is a quick way to boredom which leads to discouragement which leads to self-esteem issues which leads to – okay, you get the point!

But if we were able to maintain momentum…?  Progress is hard to stop.  Setting goals and being disciplined for just 30 days would have the ability to impact the rest of our lives. But again, we all seem to come up with excuses.

Can I throw another challenge at you?  Whatever goal(s) you set, would you consider your momentum?  For example, if your goal was to exercise 4 times a week and you start strong.  But eventually, you begin to rationalize that 3 times is okay.  You rock along for awhile and then decide you’d really like to exercise, but who has the time?  Do you hear a shift in momentum?

It’s the same with your spiritual life and discipleship, the effort you put into relationships, and any other goal you set.  Momentum is key to success.  The more momentum you build, the easier discipline becomes.  Try it and then see if I’m not right!


6 Responses to “The Secret”

  1. Kyle Coleman Says:

    I think we tend to fade from our goals/resolutions when we don’t get results within a few days or weeks. It’s all about the quick fix/result. We want and expect everything right now! What has taken us months and years to become (speaking primarily of the physical but this could apply to the spiritual) cannot be fixed overnight or with a pill. It takes dedication and hard work. Most people these days are not interested in putting forth the effort, it’s just too hard. If it were easy we wouldn’t have an epidemic of obesity. Instant results are just not possible, in spite of what is promoted on TV.

    Why have we become so lazy? I look back at my grandparent’s generation and recognize how hard they worked and wonder what happened to the generations that followed. What happened to our tenacity, determination, resolve? Why are we ok with selling ourselves short; settling for less than what we can be? Why is it that when we hit the “Wall” we don’t try and go over it?

    It’s easy to give up and become apathetic. I’ve been there in my own life. But, I’m not comfortable there and I pray I never get comfortable there. Oh and there’s the excuse “I just don’t have time” yet if we logged the number of hours spent watching TV it would probably surprise most people.

    The same is true in our spiritual lives. We can find the time to do everything else but can’t find the time to study God’s word. Apathy is easy! Do we treat our pray life and our relationship with God like a revolving door? We throw a pray in and expect a result to come back around and when it doesn’t well we give up and become discouraged. And just like our physical challenges, our relationship with God requires effort.

  2. So I asked myself: How do I build momentum? By putting forth the effort. But where do I find effort within me? Well … how important is this to me?

    I hope that we can not only build momentum for ourselves, but have it going so strongly that we can touch others with it and change lives!

    Great thoughts Mike, thanks for sharing!

    • Effort is something that is paramount to success. Too many believe they’ll receive something without working for it. Great point. Let’s make the things we crave and strive for the things God wants for us. Thanks Maria!

  3. Desire is a huge part of momentum. If we don’t truly want it and we see it as a task then we don’t stick with it.

    My Mom use to tell me I had to accept things first if I wanted to change anything in the future. She was the hardest working person I knew and she had the most momentum.

    Momentum can’t happen without “MOMENT” so living in the moment and embracing it is a a good way to reach momentum. Jesus said one day is enough for the day. (Paraphrasing) I believe him. I just take it day by day.

    • Good words Leah. Jesus did say not to worry about tomorrow. But should we not discern God’s goals for us and work toward those goals? Thanks for reading.

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