Words Mean Something (1)

Words mean something. I love words. and quotes. and thoughts. And I want to share some of the blessings I receive with you. From time to time, I’ll post some words. some quotes. some thoughts. And I’ll ask you to share yours. Here we go!

The pastor’s question is, “Who are these particular people, and how can I be with them in such a way that they can become what God is making them?” My job is simply to be there, teaching, preaching Scripture as well as I can, and being honest with them, not doing anything to interfere with what the Spirit is shaping in them. Could God be doing something that I never even thought of? Am I willing to be quiet for a day, a week, a year?”

– Eugene Peterson from The Contemplative Pastor



8 Responses to “Words Mean Something (1)”

  1. Very necessary but also a tall order! At times it has been hard for me to grasp that I don’t need to know Gods plan for others, I do understand that if we get ahead of God in our attempts, we sure can make a mess of things! It is fulfilling enough to witness Gods plans as they unfold. If we have our heart open to God, that’s all we need. I have to ask myself this, “who am I that needs to know” All I really need to know is how God is asking me to encourage!

    • Hey Diane! Necessary – yes. Tall order – yes. Yet by God’s grace, we can watch God and His plans unfold. Wow! That’s what makes ministry well worth it. Of course this applies to all followers of Christ (we have the same Great Commission). 🙂 Open heart…yes! Willing to serve….Amen!

  2. I appreciate your insight when i need it. I’m glad that you are willing to tell me the truth, whether or not you think I will “appreciate”. Please know that I feel that God has a plan for all of our lives, and he has placed you in ours to do what you do. I appreciate your honesty and clear cut views. Yes sometimes I guess it is better to be quiet and see what happens. As I said in another post I believe I need to learn to listen instead of trying to fix everything. I thank God for those who know my heart, even when my mouth overloads!

  3. I love this post. I love the quote: “Who are these people”… “be with them in such a way”… “they can become what God is making them.”

    These people – not only the rich, not only the poor, not only our friends, not only who we pick and choose….
    Be with them in such a way – an extraordinary way, an out of comfort zones way…
    They can become what God is making them – What He is making them, not what I think they should be, not to my standards, not to my limitations of my own thoughts and knowledge.

    Not only deacons and pastors and leaders of a church have such a task, but all followers of Christ. How powerful it would be if everyone that called themselves a member of the body of Christ would reflect this way. Wow. Love it.

    • Food for thoughts as always M! Here’s something for the discussion: Is there a time where we (as the Church) attempt to be another’s “pastor” and are rebuffed? In other words, what’s the responsibility of the other party?

      You and I can only “be with them” as much as they will let us. Correct? Anyone else have thoughts?

      • You can lead a horse to water but you cant make him drink? Would that be a fair statement in relation to what you are asking?

  4. Maria, excellent response. I ditto it.

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