For those of you who don’t know, I’ve set out this year to grow in my prayer life. I want to pray like Elijah. Like the man of faith in James. Like God desires.

It’s interesting that we’re beginning a study on prayer in a small group tonight. In just a few weeks, another group will study Mark Batterson’s Circle Maker. I’m stoked! I’m excited for my own spiritual growth. But I’m also excited to see what God has in mind for the Church at FCC.

God has amazing things in store. I believe that because it is no coincidence that as one group begins a discussion on prayer, another is about to embark on a study. God is in control! And I look forward to sharing what He has done with the studies.

A praying person is a person of peace. A praying church is right where God wants them to be. Prayer is acknowledging God and His power. As E.M. Bounds writes, “Prayer is the basis of Christian character, the Christian’s business, his life and his living.”


3 Responses to “Pray”

  1. Peace yes. Amen. When things go south, when there is darkness and the sun isn’t anywhere in sight, the church says “aaaaaamen.” I heard a gospel song that said something like that. So true that when we are in prayer with God, with heartfelt, deep meaningful prayer – no hiding, no rambling, – just Real. Real. Real. There is peace and peace brings things to order.

    I like what “sun stand still” author says in one chaper: “Every time you kneel before the Father…. you must have his Word in your mind and in your heart. Otherwise you risk confusing your agenda with His…”

    Being in Gods Word fuels our prayer life I think.

    • Yes Maria. Real is something to all too often people aren’t. Furtick was definitiely on point in the book. I want God’s agenda, not mine. It always works better that way. Love ya!

  2. Leah Alexander Says:

    Prayer growth. Good. (There’s no like button and I didn’t have anything else to add,)

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