Words Mean Something (4)

Sin rarely seems sin at its first beginnings. – Ryle on Holiness

Satan is deceptive. And if he can entice us to see something that appears at first glance to be good, he can do some major damage. Consider Eve. She was encouraged to see the fruit as pleasing to the eye, good for food, etc. David didn’t think much of walking on the palace roof. That is until he saw Bathsheba. And you know what what happened.  If we don’t turn and run, we find ourselves like Eve or like David.  How often has that happened to you?

The writer of Hebrews pens, “But exhort one another every day, as long as it is called ‘today’, so that none of you may be hardened by the decietfulness of sin.” (3:13)

Good stuff from Ryle!


2 Responses to “Words Mean Something (4)”

  1. I like what you wrote about exhorting each other. everything falls to relationship-you should have friends that are believers, that you can be real with that they may see something you can’t or won’t and the holy spirit prompts them to “open your eyes”. One may be strong alone, but two are stronger.. And three together are pretty tough to break..

    • Yes Maria. As iron sharpens iron, right? And the Jewish rabbis were always talking about relationship/community while using a rope. Three strands make a formidable rope. Good stuff!

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