KISS(ing) In The Church

It’s interesting how God works.  That may be the most elementary statement that you read for a long time.  After all, God is extremely interesting.  But sometimes, we need to be reminded.  Over the last few days, I’ve had some things happen that remind me of how God works.  Let me share.  And then feel free to tell me your experiences and/or thoughts (including agreement or disagreement).

We’re all aware of the KISS method.  Keep It Simple Stupid.  It’s something we’re introduced to early in life and comes up again and again throughout life.  In fact, I remember sitting in a preaching class and the professor lecturing for what seemed like too long on the KISS method.  Obviously, he thought it important enough to spend the entire class on something we had known.  But again, we need to be reminded.

The professor’s goal was to teach preachers first and foremost to know the audience.  When a speaker knows the audience, whatever is shared should be simple enough for most to understand and challenging enough that half (or most) should have to think at length about what is being said.

But after pastoring for a decade, I sense that some/most in the Church want everything to remain simple.  Please understand: I realize the Gospel is simple in some respects.  I’m a sinner in need of a savior.  The only thing that can save me is a relationship with Jesus Christ.  Jesus came and died for me and wants me to live forever.  That’s a pretty simple way to understand the Gospel.

On the other hand, maturity means that simplicity cannot continue to be simple.  Paul uses the analogy of a baby growing to the point that milk is no longer sufficient.  Milk no longer satisfies.  It’s time to move to solid food.  Discipleship – news flash! it’s what we’re called to – means growing.  What once satisfied me no longer does so.

In John 6, Jesus speaks of eating his flesh and drinking his blood.  Up to that point, the crowds were growing larger by the day and maybe even the hour.  But when He began to speak that way, the Bible says they began to complain, “This is no longer simple.  I can’t understand.  This is no longer the milk.  What’s He doing?  Doesn’t He know we’re simple people?”  Of course Jesus knew them.  And He knew what they needed!  And He wasn’t satisfied leaving them simple.

It’s time to rediscover discipleship!  It’s time to not settle for the simple stuff.  I’m not arguing for intellectualism.  But I am arguing for a hunger and thirst for more.  And we’re told when we get hungry and thirsty spiritually, God shows up in new ways.  So what are we waiting for?!?


6 Responses to “KISS(ing) In The Church”

  1. Leah Alexander Says:

    Does it get more complicated when we mature? I think it feels more difficult because when we grow our eyes are opened. We begin to see things and understand things better.

    I think it all is difficult or complicated for anyone that tries to apply their old understanding to fit God’s word. His words and thoughts are not ours so blending the two can cause problems. Even the wise men didn’t go back the same way they came when they went to see Jesus.

    Applied Christianity-that’s true Discipleship.

    • Several good points Leah. It reminds me of what Jesus said about putting new wine into old wineskins. If you do so, they will burst.

      How many times do we settle for less than God has for us? Following Christ is something that we must be intentional about – no passivity possible.

  2. You got to dig to find the treasure!
    Mike, I wish someone would have taught me to chew on the word in the beginning of my journey. I am one of those who missed opportunities because of the KISS method.

  3. You said: “Jesus came and died for me and wants me to live forever. That’s a pretty simple way to understand the Gospel” – It is a simple truth….that saves, praise God. But after that…. It is the after THAT that blends into relationship; the former is only the first step – and there are many more steps after that if we are willing.

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