Words Mean Something (6)

Here’s another chance to do some thinking and then let me know what you think.

What is the Gospel?  I know the easy answer is “good news.”  But what does that mean?

Do we believe portions of the Gospel  ie. grace and not believe the rest ie. personal responsibility?  Is one the Gospel while the other is just secondary?

I’d be interested in what you think the good news is and how has the definition changed over the last few decades.

3 Responses to “Words Mean Something (6)”

  1. I was taught that the gospel is true spiritual food that nourishes and grows the spirit; that is alive and pierces the soul. I don’t think people think as profoundly about the Gospel anymore and I don’t mean that we have to be “deep” thinkers to “get it”… but the Gospel is more than just grace, than just responsibility, more than prayer alone – or reading the Word alone – it’s all those things with a constant digging for more – like digging for gold – like getting to know someone you love and want to love more.
    The Gospel is also sharing; as you are digging – you share the truths, the life you find, in God’s Word – you help one another grow and worship in spirit and in truth – in the way that God leads you.
    Times have changed us. Everyone is busy and/or tired. It’s scary to think that the Gospel could ever become just another mystical story – We… I… should not allow the Gospel to become something that is merely for my own salvation and grace. How will I be able to stand before God? …

    • I’m having an on-going conversation with someone about this Maria. And your thoughts are helpful. Question: Has the Church “dumbed down” the Gospel? In other words, do we not encourage people to think – just believe? If that’s the case, the full effect of the Gospel has been lost.

      Busyness – weren’t they just as busy then as we are now? We’re just doing different things now.

  2. Leah Alexander Says:

    I like how Maria said it. The Gospel is about digging for more. We should always be hungry for more.

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