The Message

Chances are you’ve heard it before.  Maybe you’ve said it yourself.  I heard it again this last weekend.  You ready for it?  It’s a phrase.  Simply words – but words with meaning.  I’ll share it with you in a sec, but think with me for a minute.

There are people in your life (unless your unteachable/prideful/arrogant etc.) whom you look up to.  These people are those who’ve invested in you. Considered you important enough to spend time with.  Poured good things into your life.  They’ve loved you.  You may or may not be close.  But they’ve said something or done something that made a tremendous impact upon your life.  Maybe you’ve been changed – FOREVER.

So here’s the phrase.  “…it’s like drinking water from a fire hydrant…”

Usually it’s prefaced with a short introduction such as, “Have you ever heard…Do you know…etc.”  Sometimes the phrase is followed by summaries like, “…I’ve been challenged…Wow!…you need to hear that…etc.”

So here’s my thought:  What made you or the person touched think this way?  In other words, is there something that changed within the speaker to move from “water hose power” to “fire hydrant power”?  Did they have particularly good information to share?  Maybe it was mediocre information but the way it was shared was special.  Maybe they were just “on” that day.  What was it?  This particular time the person described the phrase above as, “The things (teachings) he kept saying just came one after another after another.  It was tough to keep up.  So you find yourself taking notes and then going back to review later.”

Let me offer this: What if the difference was you?  What if the difference between a water hose and a fire hydrant was based upon you – your thoughts, your openness, your EXPECTATIONS?

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied. Matt 5:6

I’ve often thought that those who hung on what Jesus had to say were expecting something.  They’d come to realize where Jesus was great things happened.  They expected.  They were open.  They were hungry and thirsty.

Might this be the difference in what impact the message has on you?  Pray that you continue to be hungry and thirsty.  Then see what God does.


8 Responses to “The Message”

  1. Larry Lovelace Says:

    Brother, to change from garden hose to hydrant hose we have to be receptive! I believe God speaks to all who hear, “those who have ears hear”. Whether it is the way a subject is presented, who presents it, or the way we receive it all depends on how receptive we are to God’s message.

  2. I have friend who loves this one author and quotes him all the time on Facebook, but to me, it’s like he’s saying the same thing twice – I see no deep meaning in it.

    But maybe if I read more about the author and spent time on more of his work I could really get into his quotes and find deeper meaning and maybe I would continue to study him and wait eagerly and expect even better things from his next book.

    I think the difference IS in us, in me, in my interest in God and learning. What I am hungry for will show in my actions (as illustrated in the author example) I will literally take steps because I hunger and thirst, but how do I get there? How do we develop a hunger and thirst? You can’t force people to hunger and thirst for God.

    Or, does it (the message) hit like a fire hydrant because we are not hungry – like a force feeding, if you will – because we weren’t looking to drink? And that is why it hit us hard?

    • nmpreach Says:

      Hmmm. Now I’m trying to figure out who the author is. 🙂

      I think you’re on to something about hunger. My actions display what I’m committed to. God promises to feed those who are hungry and thirsty. But what makes us that way? Perhaps it’s not making drinking and eating a habit.?. And when we do, it’s overwhelming. Good things to think about here.

  3. Leah Alexander Says:

    Larry said it better than what I could have said it. That’s what I was thinking so I’m going to say ditto to his comment. 🙂 I’ve noticed that timing is important also. Our hunger often depends on our need for a specific thing. For example, I’ve read the Bible many times. Sometimes something I’ve read at least 20 times through out the years will jump out and will be clearer than it ever was in the past. Sometimes when that happens to others, their message will also be a “wow” moment.

    • nmpreach Says:

      Living and active – penetrating to the deepest marrow. That’s what the Word does. Praise God for those “wow” moments.

  4. How true. That drive of hunger and thirst for God, for righteousness/justice. So important. When that’s gone we’re in trouble. It can be at low ebb for me sometimes, due to this and that. But it’s good to keep the thought before us, that beatitude along with all the beatitudes. Thanks again, brother.

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