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Posted in Grace, Love on June 20, 2012 by nmpreach

I was asked this morning, “If you could share, what would you say you’ve learned the most since you were twenty?”  I had just a few seconds to answer a question that I thought deserved more than a few seconds, but I did my best.  I spoke about my little world.  In other words, when I was twenty, I believed my issues were more important than others.  As I’ve grown, God has shown me that my story is no more important (nor less important) than those around me.  Everyone has a story.

I’ve learned that there’s ONE STORY.  And the STORY is God’s.  He allows me to exist within His story.  Better yet, He desires me to not only exist within His story, He wants me to be an active part of His story.  He wants me to be a part of your story.  What a great blessing!  What tremendous love and grace.

Please understand, I haven’t figured it completely out.  I know in the next twenty years, there will be much more to learn – provided Christ doesn’t return.  But I’m praying that God would remind me that my story is just a “flash in the pan.”  His story is much bigger than mine (or yours).  His story is perfect.  I pray His STORY is revealed to all mankind.  And I’m grateful that He allows me to be a small part.