Four Groups

Really appreciate these thoughts about “Life Groups.”  Let me know your thoughts.  The link follows:

Four Groups.


One Response to “Four Groups”

  1. I read the article and I can’t wait to begin seeing our life group begin to bond and grow. Life group… LIFE… GROUP… at its infant stage like an embryo pulsing with life, but so fragile… and I am praying for protection and nourishment – I FEEL God’s presence so strongly when I look at my group, I see them more closely and more deeply, because there is LIFE that connects us in a very spiritual way.

    In our life group there are very strong couples, and I say strong because they each bring certain strength and wisdom and kindness that they have acquired over the years – and the teenagers that are in our group; they are bold and beautiful.

    And I imagine how Jesus must study us so closely – each and every one of us – and how He loves us. And He wants us to do the same, not to those in our church – but in the world.

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