Quotes (4)

It’s Tuesday.  Here we go!  In no particular order…

I have never in my life learned anything from anyone who agreed with me. – Renee

It deeply disturbs me to see a stadium full of people cheer whenever abortion is affirmed. – Ed Stetzer

Circles are better than rows.  – Andy Stanley and Jason Kraft by way of Jesus Christ

Agree?  Disagree?  Any faves from this week?



3 Responses to “Quotes (4)”

  1. Here are some of mine:

    “Crazy people are not crazy if one accepts their reasoning.” ― Gabriel García Márquez, Of Love and Other Demons

    “I walked over and looked closer at the statue of the goddess. She was wearing a headdress with a skull and a cobra and a crescent moon. Maybe this is what peace of mind was all about: having a poisonous snake on your head and smiling anyway. ” ― Wally Lamb, I Know This Much is True

    “The truth isn’t so simple. Death may be inevitable, but love is not. Love, you have to choose” – Mudbound, Hillary Jordan

    “It is easier to be neurotic. It is easier to be parasitic. It is easier to relax in the embracing arms of The Average. Easier but not better…not more significant …not more fulfilling” – Run with the Horses, Eugene H. Peterson (which by the way I LOOOOOVE the use of “parasitic” and “neurotic” here….)

    And to comment on yours:
    1. That’s why I like having conversation with you 🙂
    2. “Chills….”
    3. Rows move forward, but you never really see where they end up unless they end abruptly…. and circles connect, pushing whoever is in front forward to keep the circle going

    • I love you Maria! What is crazy? 🙂 I need to hear more about Marquez

      I the Wally Lamb quote. Awesome!

      The Jordan quote is deeeeeep.

      You know how I respect Peterson.

      That’s alot for the week. 🙂 Better start reading/listening now to have quotes for next Tuesday. Our conversations are beneficial for both of us I hope. Good thought on circles and rows. I want to know more of you than the back of your head.

      • Those books are some of my favorites that I’ve read in the past and would really LOVE to read again – somewhere over the rainbow, where there’s more than 24 hrs in a day…. 🙂 Love ya!

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