A Letter of Permission

🙂 🙂 🙂

I’m amazed at how God works.  For several months, I’ve sensed God leading me to do something.  The problem was I wasn’t sure exactly what I was being called to do.  I can’t think of a time in my life (other than being called to Bible college) where I’ve prayed specifically about something for so long.  Recently, I was challenged/encouraged to do something I’ve never felt equipped to do.  It’s not the first time.  But I’ve always found an excuse – a way out.  Side note: I really like Moses (and especially his excuses).  🙂

I sensed God telling me now was the time.  But where/when/how to begin has always been the question.

I’m currently preaching through a series in Nehemiah.  This past Sunday, we were studying chapter 6 and God spoke to me about doing something so big that I couldn’t complete it on my own.  In other words, if God is not allowed to along side, it wouldn’t be successful.  How could I preach and challenge God’s people without being committed to something big as well?

I’ve shared before about my lack of discipline.  It’s something I constantly battle.  And for that reason, I asked a good friend to hold me accountable today.  I would ask you to pray as well.  Please don’t be concerned with what I’m called to do.  That will be revealed in time.  But I do covet your prayers that I would be faithful to God’s call.  Pray that I’m disciplined to get this done.  It might take months or years.  But you have my permission to ask how “it’s” coming along.  Thanks in advance.  Now off to work…


4 Responses to “A Letter of Permission”

  1. Diane Chilson Says:

    You got my prayers!

  2. I love your heart! So excited to see what God is doing!!

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