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Posted in Words on December 27, 2012 by nmpreach

Those that God uses greatly ignore naysayers. – Rick Warren

A culture that rejects God is surprised when people live as if there is no God. – Jason Kraft

Santa sees us when we’re sleeping & knows when we’re awake. Maybe we should leave him a restraining order instead of cookies & milk? – Arron Chambers




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Posted in Words on December 11, 2012 by nmpreach

Every pastor has many foes, many fans, and a few friends – listen to your friends. – Perry Noble

People want to take the word discipline out of discipleship. But you can’t have discipleship without discipline. Lenord Sweet

Remember, silence cannot be quoted! Every comment doesn’t warrant a response! Just be still! – TD Jakes

If you are going through a time when you have no idea how things will turn out, move ahead in faith – believing God will show Himself. – Kyle Idleman


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Posted in Words on December 4, 2012 by nmpreach

Your devotion to Christ is much more important than your devotion to your denomination or church label. It’s about Jesus, people!!! – Jason Kraft

No ma’am, I don’t know why all the young folks are leaving the church. Hope you’ll excuse me now, I have to meet the guy tuning the organ. – Anonymous

Bacon on the floor has no time limit rule cause, it’s bacon. – Michael Spencer

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if u do LITTLE things like they are BIG things then God will do BIG things like they are LITTLE things! – Mark Batterson


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