Authority (1)

School started again today.  Teachers will go over expectations and rules.  Principals will greet the anxious students with a look of hope and encouragement.  Over the next few weeks, boundaries will be challenged and a definitive “line in the sand” will be drawn.  Those in charge intend to remain in charge.  Not to do so would lead to detrimental outcomes.

I’m reading Watchman Nee’s Spiritual Authority.  My intent over the next few posts will be to discuss some of his thoughts, evaluate some of my own, and perhaps challenge the reader as well.  After all, authority is not something for just the little people.  It is one of those things that we must consider throughout life.  My hope is for a beneficial conversation.

Mankind was created in the image of God and given dominion over the rest of creation (Gen 1:26).  God spoke clearly about His expectations of mankind and what man should not do (Ch. 2).  His authority must be acknowledged.  Even as He gave man dominion over creation, man was still responsible to his Creator.  Enter The Deceiver (Satan).  In chapter 3, man is challenged with doubt and the temptation to disregard God’s instructions.

Nee argues that sin was not the primary issue in the garden.  The issue (according to Nee) was the principle of authority.  If man recognized God alone as having authority, Satan would have retreated quickly.  However, once man (Eve then Adam) considered Did God actually say… (2:1) she/he fell for Satan’s lie.  Man could be his own authority.  And so she/he/they ate.  According to Nee, sin is simply the outcome of losing the battle of authority.  Once the acknowledgement of God’s authority is lost and/or discounted, trouble ensues.

When I think about my life, I realize my sin and acknowledge my lack of recognition of God’s authority.  In fact, all too often, it really is all about me.  I want to be the one with power.  I choose to follow my path, rather than the path God has in mind for me.  I buy the lies Satan sells.  It won’t hurt just this once.  It looks good.  It will fulfill me.  I can be like God.  And giving myself authority leads to destruction.



2 Responses to “Authority (1)”

  1. “..sin is simply the outcome of losing the battle of authority” – I love that, so true. I, for one, am easily distracted and sometimes allow the things in my life to rule over me, to make me feel tired of looking to do good – I lose the battle of authority and yet, the outcome of sin reminds me that I am in desperate need of grace and if I don’t give up – I can still be in the battle – I can still run in the race.

    And it’s not a battle where I am crying out: “Don’t give up on me God!” as I continue to fail… It’s more like, “You DIDN’T give up at the garden and you didn’t give up at the cross! I will continue to get up, stand up, walk on, and keep looking to do good – Because God Still Has Authority… and even now… the enemy has to flee.

    Thanks for the post 🙂

    • Thanks for being part of the conversation. This is a great book. I look forward to exploring the thoughts and sharing them with you.

      I must constantly remind myself of God’s authority in my own life as well as creation. It’s then that (as you say) Satan has to flee. Thanks for reading.

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