Quotes (17)

Back to some of the quotes that I appreciate:

I have come to my hosannas through whirlwinds of doubt. – Dostoevsky

Can you praise God regardless?


3 Responses to “Quotes (17)”

  1. I like that quote because it so…. honest and real. – I’ve come to learn to praise God… in my (angry, subtle, silent) doubts (those that I express and those that I don’t)… makes me smile – makes me think of conversation – with God. 🙂 You asked if we can Praise God regardless – I think yes. Yes. Eventually. Sometimes at the end. And sometimes right away. Thankful.

  2. I agree Maria – honest and real. It’s when we can worship despite the storm that we grow the most. Often times, however, we are praying for God to alleviate the storm. Then we worship.

  3. What does that look like? The worshiping while in the storm – ? Looking back for me, I think – my flesh and my spirit feels separated within me. My flesh hurts under the pressure of the storms – and my spirit is strong in Christ – but most often than not, I cave to the pessure and give in to the hurt – and yes – pray that the storm goes away – then worship. Reflection is a beautiful thing.

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