Authority (8)

In an (all be it late) attempt to forego beating a dead horse, this is the last post for awhile on authority.  Watchman Nee always makes me think.  And seeing sin as an authority issue is helpful for me.  I hope it has been for you as well.

If need be, take a look over the previous seven posts on authority.  Nee’s idea of misplaced authority being equaled to sin/rebellion/idolatry makes sense to me.  More importantly, it’s Biblical.  The issue is do we destroy the flesh or what Paul calls the old man and let the new man live?  Are we intentional about putting to death those things that cause us pain and suffering?  Or do we just hope they’ll be silent?

My experience has been they won’t go away on their own.  We mustn’t kid ourselves.  The battle is about authority.  And without meaning to sound cliché, it’s about life and death.  May we choose life!


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