Horn of Plenty (5)

For those of you who have hung out all week, I’ve got some good news.  🙂  This is the last post on Horn of Plenty.  Thanks for hanging out!

We’ve looked at the text.  It’s appropriate, I think, to conclude this series of posts on Thanksgiving.  After all, Thanksgiving is more than football, family, and fellowship.  It’s really about a harvest, about blessings, about the goodness of God.  In Luke 1o, the harvest is bigger than fruits, nuts, and a wicker basket.  Jesus speaks of a harvest that will be realized for eternity.

Don’t you find it amazing that believers are allowed to participate in this particular harvest?  I mean, what gives us the right?  I know I could never offer a “heavy” resume.  I doubt you could either.  So why would God allow us to be a part of what He does?  Eventually, it must come down to love.  God allows us to participate to show us what faith must be, to display His goodness, and to offer hope to those who are without.  But, in the end, it comes down to love.  God created out of love.  He offers restoration out of love.

Our task is provide the invitation.  It’s God’s party.  And sometimes, the invitation will be refused.  Jesus offers a life lesson to the seventy that should impact the rest of their lives – AND FOR ETERNITY.  It’s a picture of the Church.  There’s much to see in the Luke 10 text.  Relationships, offering peace, restoration, etc.  I pray you’ve been challenged, convicted, and choose to change what needs to change.  Once again, we’re blessed to bless!

Happy Harvest!


3 Responses to “Horn of Plenty (5)”

  1. Thank You, Mike. Love you brother!

  2. I have always worried about myself and those I love, those that are the very closest to me, and also strangers i meet, about their relationship with Christ and what I am doing to make sure they are not going to be “left behind” and sometimes things happen, chaos happens, heartache and disappointment — but YES! I get it now!

    We get to participate in what God is doing! He is working with EVERYONE individually for their salvation and it began on the cross! NOTHInG I do will save anyone! But God created me for a special purpose just as He did everyone else “to display his purpose and offer hope” — “display” “offer” — ACTION verbs.

    BE Obedient.

    Because God is at work.

    Through me.

    For the love and restoration HE offers to all.

    It’s just so big… So awesome… So simple and yet it takes deep commitment and true love. Thank you for sharing Gods Word.

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