I Choose Responsibility

While reading through Jeremiah, we’ve reached chapters 16-20.  Taking sin seriously, idolatry, etc. continue to be the theme of the weeping prophet.

The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately sick; who can understand it? 17:9

Then chapter 18.  Chapter 18 is a bit controversial – the interpretation, I mean.  I will spare you many of the details but let’s just say one interprets what the text says about God.  Is He a God looking to destroy or is it about consequences?  In this case, the latter would be God punishing for the nation’s wickedness?  In other words, the promises in the chapter are conditional.  Blessings for obedience.  Curses for disobedience.  It seems we’ve passed this way before.

The lesson rings true for individuals as it does for nations.    The same consequences await my decision to follow God’s will or my own.  At first glance, that may sound obvious.  However, understanding the concept has tremendous effects on how we live, how we interpret Scripture, etc.  I can’t blame Adam and Eve.  It’s not the Jews or Romans fault.  It has nothing to do with politicians on either side.  My choices are my choices.  My sin is my sin.  And because I have the ability to choose, no one else can do it for me.

Our society seems to cater to victims.  “It’s the way that I was raised.”  “Do you know where I grew up?”  “I can never get past ___________.” “You/They/Everyone owes me.”  Truth is, you can’t choose many of your circumstances.  But you can choose how you respond to those circumstances.

We can never have the full life (Jn 10:10) God intends if we remain victims of anything.  Regardless of the broken world in which we live and the circumstances we live in, through Jesus Christ all things (including you and I) can be restored.  So quit blaming everyone or everything around you.  Take responsibility for what you do or don’t do.  Choose not to be a victim!  It leads to less chaos.


2 Responses to “I Choose Responsibility”

  1. I remember someone I know, hmmmm that said, “if you don’t look in the mirror, you can’t grow” so true!

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