Seek And Find

For the word of God is living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing to the division of soul and spirit, of joints and of marrow, and discerning the thoughts and intentions of the heart. Heb 4.12 ESV

I’ve wondered over recent months if we take the Word of God for granted.  I’ve seen news reports (you probably have as well) where new believers in third-world countries would give up everything for one page of Scripture.  It seems they know what’s contained in what they fight for.  Although I don’t advocate violence, I believe there is a lesson for many of us.  I have several Bibles (different translations) at my office and my home; whereas one page is fought over if it can be understood in places far away.  Translators work round the clock in an attempt to provide translations in foreign languages.

That’s a big problem.  But the issue goes deeper I think.  I read the Bible, but I catch myself just reading words on a page.  That would never do justice to Ezekiel being told to “Eat this (God’s Word) book.”  Most of us know the text above.  But what does it mean that the Word is living and active?  We are prone to answer, “It is God-breathed.”  And it is.  Or we say, “It’s written by the Holy Spirit through mankind.”  And it was.  But could it mean more?

In other words, we read the Bible at one level where so much more is contained in “lower levels.”  Have you ever chewed on John 3.16?  I know you’ve memorized it.  But have you taken it apart?  Have you meditated on it?  Have you read it?  That’s just one example, of course.  If Scripture can pierce soul and spirit, if it has the ability to know me more than I know myself, if it comes from God, (I believe all of these) then I must move past just reading words on a page.  I have to mine the depths and discover the “pearls.”  Laziness and reading God’s Word can never co-exist.

Scholar J. P. Fokelmann pens, “A text only starts to function when it receives attention – only then does it affect someone.”



4 Responses to “Seek And Find”

  1. Sharon Graf Says:

    So true. I have read page after page reading the Bible in one year, but I have to stop myself so many times and remind myself IT IS GOD’S WORD AND I NEED TO STUDY AS WELL AS READ!!!

    • We get caught up in reading the Bible in a year, spending XX amount of time etc. But God uses verses, phrases, and words to reveal who He is. It’ s time I remember to slow down. I pray your family/friends in Washington are doing well.

  2. Good point. And scripture comes alive and reaches its intent when it is read with the intent of finding fulfillment in Christ, or seeking him. I’m thinking of that passage in John 5, I think, where Jesus says that the religious leaders of Israel did diligently seek the scriptures, but failed to come to the one they testified to, and therefore failed to find life. Yes, we need to be in them and simply let them, and let it, God’s word, do its work, for sure. Good thoughts.

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